About Me

My Story

I have always had a passion for food and cooking from a young age. Inspired by my british and arabic parents and grandparents, I would always be sat with them helping make the family meals.

I decided to become vegan after discovering the devastating effects consuming meat and dairy products has on global warming and climate change, as well as on animal rights and our own health. Despite this, it’s not an easy change for anyone. You have to change your attitude to food, constantly check labels and sometimes deal with other peoples prejudice or stereotypes.

I decided to focus on what I can eat, rather on what I can’t. It’s exhausting looking round shops thinking ‘I can’t eat that’. If you open up to everything you can have, you won’t feel restricted at all. I promise.

By making this blog I wanted to provide healthy, balanced recipes, every meal containing a healthy dose of veggies, carbohydrates and protein. Despite what people may believe it IS possible to get daily requirements of protein without eating meat products. As well as including a few recipes for deserts! Part of a balanced lifestyle is allowing yourself the occasional treat. Vegan junk food does exist – it’s just about keeping it in moderation.

I hope that I can show that cooking this way is enjoyable, easy and affordable. Most of all, you will be making delicious food everyone can enjoy!