Energy Balls/Raw Brownie Bites

These energy balls are a staple in my house. I actually have the cutest little container where I keep a few with me at all times.

*told you*

They genuinely do give me the energy to keep going when I feel like I’m flagging in the middle of the day, or work great as a quick pre-workout snack. Not to mention the many other benefits which I have decided to outline below:

1) Yummy
2) Refined sugar free
3) Source of protein
4) Source of healthy fat
5) Contains fruit
6) Healthy snack
7) Tastes like chocolate
8) Cheap (*Ahem* compared to some brands)
9) Easy to make
10) Only three ingredients
11) Can double up as desert/raw brownies

The downsides:

1) You need to make them yourself

2) You will become addicted

Have I convinced you yet?

One thing I will say is that it helps to have a decent blender. If you have a weak one/smoothie maker – fear not! I have options! You can either sub the nuts for pre-made nut butter, or you just have to take some time blending the nuts and not let your blender over heat. If it starts getting hot and making a terrible screeching sound its probably a sign to stop! (I speak from experience and two blenders later…)

For this recipe I use almonds, but you can use any nuts you like! Peanuts work really well. If you don’t have cocoa nibs unsweetened cocoa powder works just as well.

Sometimes I add a sprinkle of cinnamon and if I’m feeling extra fancy I will decorate them too with icing sugar, cocoa powder or ground nuts.


12 Servings

• 100g Almonds
• 200g Dates
• 50g Cocoa Nibs


• Blend almonds until smooth
• Grind cocoa nibs
• Add cocoa nibs and dates to the blender
• Blend well
• Split mixture into 12 portions
• Form into balls
• Store in a airtight container in a cool dry place

| Per Serving | 119 Cals | 3 g Protein | 13 g Carbs | 6.5 g Fat |

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